All aboard! Shaping the Future of Lake Cruising on the Ossiacher See (10.11.23 – 19.02.24)


Our ships have a proud tradition in Carinthia, Austria and have made innovative waves in history. Now, we are setting sail into uncharted waters. We are on a new course, driven by trends such as sustainability, energy efficiency, service innovation, changing leisure habits, digitization, and much more. This is YOUR opportunity to join us on this exciting journey. Let’s explore new horizons together and shape Ossiacher See Schifffahrt for future generations!

Submit your ideas!

Please submit your ideas to the following questions…

Bright light on the horizon: Submit your ideas by February 19, 2024 to the following questions…

🌿 Sustainably Connected Infrastructure: How can we promote and more sustainably connect Ossiacher See Schifffahrt and its ports as a cultural heritage site with the regional infrastructure around Lake Ossiach to the city of Villach and beyond?

🚤 Sailing into the Digital World: How can digital elements make the lake cruising experience and passenger comfort more interesting, comfortable, exciting, or interactive?

🌊 Service Waves of Enthusiasm: What new offerings, entertaining activities, and sustainable catering concepts can enrich Ossiacher See Schifffahrt and the ports as a touchpoint to the lake, making it attractive to new target groups (e.g., school classes, businesses, Generation Z), especially regarding off-seasons and weather independence?

Are you ready to set sail? Jump on board, let your creative waves flow, and connect with other idea contributors! Your chance has come to steer the course of innovation and lead the voyage of Ossiacher See Schifffahrt in Carinthia, Austria. The best ideas will receive great prizes.

Join in, captains of ideas!

For further questions, please contact…
Diana Wieden
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Your Task

Submit your ideas for a sustainable future of Ossiacher lake cruising.

Prizes & Rewards


Mag.a Veronika Zorn-Jäger
TVB Gerlitzen Alpe – Ossiacher See

Georg Overs
Region Villach Tourismus

Mag. Josef Nageler
Nageler Schifffahrt & Restaurant GmbH & Co KG

Erwin Berger
Mountain Resort Feuerberg

Mag. Gloria Maria Bottaro
Innovation Manager
FH Kärnten Research

Mag. Martin Maitz
Project Manager
Bildungshub Kärnten / FH Kärnten

Günther Wellenzohn
Innovation Manager
Infineon Technologies AG

Afamia Jaddah
Computer Scientist, Orchestrator at CommunityCreatesMobility